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Which Life jacket to Buy for Dogs

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How to Buy a Life Jacket for a Dog?

The correctly chosen life jacket will keep your dog afloat and away from harm should they get into trouble in the water. With the bright colour and reflective strips that come on most jackets, you will find it hard not to notice them within the water, it will also allow other boaters to see your dog in the water. A life jacket has many uses, if your dog likes to go in your own pool, a day out at the beach, just out for a swin in a lake or at a hydropherapy for treatment.

Step1: It is very important to measure your dog correctly. You should know his weight, his length (from shoulder to tail), the circumference of his neck and of his chest (girth). Once you have this information you can use it to selct the correct life jacket for your dog.

Step2: Browse our site and look for the lifejacket that suits your needs, will it be used on rare occasions or more regular. Doggie life jackets are available in any styles and sizes

Step3 Look for a life jacket that has a handle on the back of it. In case your dog ever gets into trouble in the water next to your boat, you can heft him out of the water by grabbing the handle.

Step4 Try to find a life jacket with a mesh underbelly. Thick, wet material can chafe your dog's belly and cause him pain. The thin mesh allows water to drain better and doesn't overheat your dog, like a traditional life jacket can