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Running with Dogs

Cycling with Dogs
The safest way to cycle with your dog is to use a special cycle lead. If you intend on cycling along lanes or path ways, make sure that not only can you be seen but your dog too! Your dog will need to be seen to be safe. Try using a hi-vis dog vest or flashing waistcoat. Running your dog can cause sores to their feet, to help prevent sore paws, take a look at the range of dog boots available on the market. Remember: On a hot day your dog will need regular stops for water and rest.
Ezydog Classic Harness with Seat belt clip
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EzyDog Road Runner Lead
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Julius K9 IDC Power Harness
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Julius K9 Power Harness Black
£24.99 £32.99
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Julius K9 Power Harness Blue
£24.99 £42.99
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Julius K9 Power Harness Lime Green
£25.00 £34.99
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Julius K9 Power Harness Red
£17.00 £24.99
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Julius-K9 Power Harness Pink
£24.99 £42.99
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Ruff wear Web master Harness
£46.95 £69.95
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