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Grooming & Health

We believe strongly that your canine friend deserves the latest and greatest pet supplies. We only sell & promote grooming & hygiene products that we consider to be of the highest quality and great value for money.

Most dogs love being groomed. It's quite amazing how much loose fur & hair can be removed from your dog with gentle regular grooming and your dog will look and feel much happier for it. Grooming your dog regularly will make sure that they are not shedding hair all over the furniture and around the house. Happy shopping!
AniMat Dog Cooling Pad
£18.99 £30.00
save 35%
Claw Scissors
£5.00 £6.99
13cm Clearance, save around 27%
De-matting comb, 18 cm
£5.00 £6.99
Clearance, save around 27%
Dog Bath Robe Drying Towel - trixie
£5.50 £8.99
Dog Microfibre Drying Towel - Trixie
£3.50 £4.99
50 x 60cm SOLD OUT
Dog Slicker Brush Rosewood
£3.50 £4.99
Great price Save 30%
Kong Zoom Groom Brush
£5.99 £7.59
Great price
Moult Stoppa Rosewood Pet dog comb
£8.00 £16.99
Great price Save 50%
Rosewood Chillax Cool Pad
£12.99 £15.99
Medium or Large
Rosewood Combo Comb & Moult Stoppa
£12.00 £20.99
Clearance, save around 40%
Trixie Double-sided Oval Pet Brush
£2.50 £4.49
suitable for dogs & cats. Clearance, save around 40%
Trixie Insect Shield® Outdoor Dog Blanket
£8.99 £15.99
Clearance save around 40%
Trixie Soft Wire Brush
£4.00 £8.99
Clearance, save around 50%
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