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Dog Life Jackets




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Although your dog maybe a good swimmer, there are times when Dog Life Jackets should be used by pet owners to keep their dog safe in or around water. Life jackets are ideal for holidaying, exercising, training or just to keep your dog afloat in the water or the sea.

Pet Tastic has a great range of Dog Life jackets. We all assume dogs can swim, but in fact they are not all natural swimmers. With our range of Life jackets for dogs, you can be sure that your dog will be safe in any water situation, general swimming, boating holidays, fishing, in fact anywhere your dog may be at risk from water.

Dog life saving jackets

You will quite often see these jackets being used in hydrotherapy pools for dogs with injuries, disabilities or just dogs of an old age, they help the dogs float naturally in the water.

You should never take the risk of allowing a dog into deep water without a lifejacket.

If you are looking for dog toys suitable for water visit our Active dog toys, page.

thankyou so much, your service is excellent. Merry looks very fetching, excuse the pun, in her new dog life jacket. cheers, - neal 20/08/08