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Choosing The Right Dog Backpack

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Which Backpack should I choose?

Taking your dog on a hike with you is always a great way for everyone to get some exercise. There are a few things that must be considered when picking a backpack for your dog. The range available has grown considerably over the years. 

Step 1:- It is important to make sure you get a good fitting pack, It is not always possible to try them on, so you need to follow this guide. Usually the backpack sizes are determined by your dog's weight & girth (this is the widest part of you dogs rib cage). Your dogs weight you probably already know from you regular vet check ups, your dogs girth will need to measured too. Once you have these figures you can compare them to the size charts. Dont forget sizes differ between types of packs. Once you have found the backpack that best suits your dog you are ready to make your purchase. 

Step 2:- Now you have your dogs backpack you can try it on your animal, if your still worried about will it fit, just put something over you dog first then place the pack on their back, this will reduce hairs going onto the pack and should it not fit you may be able to return the backpack.

If it appears to fit, next you need to make sure all of the straps are adjusted properly. (Backpacks with padded straps are better). The colour is completely up to you! What looks best on you dog? What does he seem most comfortable in? You be the judge.

Step3:- Your now ready to be on the go. Be careful to not put too much weight into his backpack! Most dogs can only carry about 25% of their body weight. Some breeds, however, like Alaskan Malamutes, can carry about 30% of their weight. Make sure the weight is equally distributed on both sides, if it's not equally balanced your dog may have trouble walking comfortably. Also make sure most of the weight is on the dog's shoulders.

Other tips:- If your dog has shorter fur, get a backpack with some padding. Some backpacks rub on their skin and can irritate them. Also take into consideration the length of the hike, the difficulty level, and the weather. Your dog might benefit from less weight and a more breathable backpack or a pack with a hydration pack (water for your dog to drink whilst on the move)

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